Monday, November 13, 2017


You want to talk about awkward moments? How about that awkward moment when your kid gets invited to another kid's birthday party, and when you call to RSVP the mom says, "Oh, I feel like I'm meeting another member of my family! I've heard SO MUCH about your son!" and all you can think is, "I know nothing about your kid."

I guess my son is the quiet sort when it comes to his social life. At the beginning of the year another family met me very excitedly and talked about how much their son liked P. I had NO IDEA their kid existed. I know that P has trouble with the other kids...he isn't as socially aware and his teacher has said that the other kids tease him. I kind of wish I could just follow P around for a day and see what his social life is really like. That's my biggest area of concern for him right now, and the thing I wanted to learn most about at the gifted conference this week. I want him to have friends.

Maybe he already has them.

All I know is, I'm looking forward to Saturday with that usual mixture of hope and dread that prefaces any social outing for P. Maybe with a little more of the former than the latter this time.

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