Monday, November 21, 2016


On Friday night I stood in the basement, cheerfully sorting dirty laundry into piles. I was deeply content, nearly humming in my good mood. It's going to be a good weekend, I thought to myself. The nerdiest weekend ever.

Every weekend is the nerdiest weekend ever. Every weekend we have something going on...trips to museums. Trips to the nature center. Library visits. Spending time huddled around the computer watching videos about Boston Dynamics' robots. The kids eat it up. This weekend, in between a visit to my in-laws and chores like grocery shopping, we were planning on a museum visit and an afternoon spent geocaching with another family. This is our type of fun.

Sometimes our weekends lead us to meet kindred spirits...on Friday after work P and I went to American Science & Surplus, a store that is every bit as eccentric and awesome as the catalog makes it look. We bought geodes and tiny plastic animals for geocaching prizes, and instead of the cashier telling us that we were crazy for planning on going hiking on the coldest day of the season, she said, "Oh, that's awesome! Bundle up!"

An ongoing struggle that I have is trying to balance feeding the kids' interests with making them normal. About a year ago I stopped making them do things simply because they were age appropriate, like read certain books or watch certain TV shows. Sometimes I wonder if it's the right choice...maybe I should push them harder into sports or something more mainstream. But over and over again I decide that the world will do a good enough job of telling them that they don't fit in...maybe my job is to provide a home where they're celebrated and they always fit in.

This morning dawned with the usual, baby-sitters, and plans to call a mechanic on my lunch break because our car died last night. I'm already looking forward to the weekend, when we can pull away from the real world and geek out amongst ourselves for a while.

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