Saturday, June 4, 2016


"BOOSH!" I said, laughing, imitating the sound of the explosion I had just watched on the screen. My son, P, and daughter, E, jockeyed for position on the couch, each trying to get the best view of my iPad mini, which was currently playing a video featuring people dropping alkali metals into water. It had started with watching The Periodic Table Song, which led P's request to Google the element Technicium. After reading the Wikipedia article, which I understood roughly 5% of, I reverted to watching YouTube videos of elements that explode when exposed to water.

I loved the look of wonder and awe on the kids' faces. They wanted not only to enjoy the explosions, but to understand the why and the how behind them. Today it seems that half of my Facebook friends have children, grandchildren, or nephews in Little League, and they're all sitting at games. Athletic ability is definitely not something that's spread evenly among the population, and my kids are evidence of the fact that some kids just aren't blessed that way. We are not a sports family, and I doubt that we ever will be.

"Want to see what happens when you drop molten aluminum in a swimming pool?" I ask, and my kids giggle in anticipation.

But I wouldn't trade these experiences. Traditional sports may never be in our future, but this is not such a bad exchange.