Saturday, May 28, 2016


When I made dinner plans with my friend Robin for last night, I didn't realize that it would be an anniversary of sorts. All I knew was that I had a brand-new spinning wheel* that could benefit from the attention of a yarn expert, and it had been a while since our sons had had a chance to play together. As I sat chatting with her while our kids played dinosaurs, I felt like I was a million years from where I was on May 27th, 2015, the day my son P was evaluated for autism and found to be gifted. On that day I felt like I had been handed the worlds biggest gift while standing on the edge of the world's biggest chasm. The news about his intellectual ability was amazing! But on that day I felt like we were still no closer to finding out why he was so emotional and quirky, and why he just couldn't make friends. I still felt so far from any real help for him.

Little did I know that his giftedness was the source both of his problems and his abilities. It made his life richer and more difficult. And last year if you would have told me that one year later he'd be happily playing downstairs with a friend just as smart and quirky as him, that we'd have the support of professionals who really get him (his pediatrician and OT are amazing), that we'd meet families who struggle with the same things we struggle with, that he'd be accepted to the district's gifted magnet school, that by embracing and encouraging his quirky interests we'd have a child who was all-around happier and more balanced...well, I wouldn't have believed you.

It's glorious to be wrong sometimes. 

Life isn't perfect by any stretch but on that late-spring night it was pretty great. 

* Yeah, a spinning wheel. I'm a bigger nerd than you thought, aren't I? 

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