Saturday, April 30, 2016

Finally Friendly

This evening I was texting with another mom that I'm friendly with, talking about knitting injuries and our sons. We've had a number of play dates with our sons, who are one year apart and both gifted, trying to get them to be friends. Despite months of getting them together deliberately, it's just been recently that the boys started connecting spontaneously during after-school camp. Now they're both involved in digging up a corner of the schoolyard, hunting for fossils. They let my daughter play too, even though she's two years younger than my son and three years younger than the other boy. It's wonderful for all three of them, and I'm so happy that this may...just a summer with friends. I would absolutely love it if my kids could spend their summer with other kids. When I hear about my friends' kids running around with neighborhood kids, or arranging their own playdates it makes me yearn for that experience for my own children. I'm planning on getting together once a week with another friend of mine and her three kids, and if I can also have a day a week or a couple days a month with this family it would be so great for my kids.

Of course, I'm a little bit bitter that this is happening when we have exactly 30 school days left this year. Really, P? You had four years at this school and you're making a friend now?

I guess it's better late than never. And it gives me hope that he'll make friends at his new school too. I just want him to feel like he belongs. And getting to know interesting parents who share the same struggles you do is a great bonus.