Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's Okay

Recently I made a quick graphic to hang on my cubicle at work. I took a photo to share here, but then I realized the background I used was an image off of Google Images, and I couldn't provide attribution, and what if there are copyright issues, and...ugh. So here's another one, with a background created by me. It'll give you the same idea.

You guys. Some kids are weird. Some kids are antsy. Some kids are offbeat. Some kids don't talk to other kids. And some kids need help or therapy to live the best, most fulfilling lives possible. But some kids don't. Some kids are just quirky.

And that's okay.

So instead of trying to cram those kids into a category and label all the ways they're different from us, or think that the best possible thing they could be is typical, let's let them shine in the ways they were meant to and support them in their struggles. If we put as much energy into feeding their gifts and interests as we did into quelling their quirks, I wonder what would happen.

I intend to find out.

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