Saturday, December 26, 2015


I was recently told by P's OT that he needs new shoes. A PT came in to consult briefly at his last appointment and showed me that his feet are pronating out, which is sort of like knock-knees, but in his ankles. Lace-up shoes, preferably with anti-pronation insoles, would help that. I'm still investigating insoles, but today I took P out to get him some shoes.

I realized very quickly that I somehow made it through 36 years of life without learning how to buy good shoes. When I was in my twenties I bought shoes by following this method:

1. I need new shoes. Time to go to the mall!
2. These are cute.
3. And on sale!
4. SOLD.

Now, when I buy shoes for myself I use this method:

1. I need new shoes. And also laundry detergent. Target it is.
2. Why did I bring my children along?
3. Yes, we can go look at the Legos after this.
4. Where did your sister go?
5. I'm pretty sure these are my size.
6. Yes, we're leaving.

When I buy P shoes, it goes like this:

1. I need velcro shoes in size 2.
2. Hey, green ones.

Which is still a step above how I buy shoes for my daughter, E:

1. It needs to have Hello Kitty on it.

So despite my blinding ignorance in this area, and despite the fact that P doesn't even know how to do lace-up shoes yet, we set out to buy good, supportive lace-up shoes. I really should have Googled it before I left because I have no idea what to look for. The insides look mostly the same. How can you tell if it has good arch support? I don't know. Should I have gone up a size if we're getting insoles? Who knows? And why was it that when I needed velcro shoes, all they had were lace-ups, and now that I need lace-ups all they have are velcro shoes? I finally found a pair that seemed okay. P said they feel a lot better than his old shoes, so that's a plus. Hopefully they'll help him.

Now to work on tying shoes. We haven't had much snow yet, so I haven't had to send the kids to school in boots, but I know it's coming and he'll need to put his shoes on by himself.

So after this come the insoles. I wonder if I can just buy green ones in size 2.

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