Friday, December 18, 2015

Chew it up

When I order something online, I stalk my packages.

Whenever I order from Amazon or eBay or any place that will supply me with a tracking number, I follow my package almost obsessively. I get text updates and I order mostly with Amazon Prime so things come in two days anyway, and I still manage to check the USPS or FedEx website about 50 times a day.

However, today I ordered a package that I won't be stalking. I don't want it to come because I hate that we needed to order it. It's a chew stim necklace for P.

P has some sensory issues. He kind of cycles through his sensory seeking behaviors...sometimes he's very restless, sometimes he's prone to hopping up and down, and sometimes he chews. The necklines and cuffs of many of his shirts sport mended holes because of his chewing. When his behavior ramped up this summer we bought him a chew necklace with a rubber pendant in the shape of a long crystal. It worked like a charm - almost overnight he transitioned from chewing on his shirts to chewing on the pendant. He chewed it all summer and then, fortuitously, moved on to a new sensory behavior shortly after school started and I was able to take the necklace away. I was concerned that the kids in his class would ask about the necklace or make fun of him because of it.

Now, though, his chewing is ramping up and he's gone and chewed through his necklace and moved on to destroying his clothing. Time to get a replacement.

I'm happy that his behavior is so easily accommodated, but jeez, did he really need to have yet another tendency that sets him apart? Couldn't he have caught a break in this area? Being wiggly or jumpy can pass as normal, but chewing on things? Did his brain really need to crave that type of input? Why not something that at least looks normal?

I need to read up on sensory seeking behaviors. Maybe I'll get a book and toss it on the stack with my book about the emotional needs of gifted kids and my other book how to build executive functions in children. Oh, and the professional literature I try to stay on top of (although, to be honest, I've indulged in some fun reading as well - I have to do something while I sit in my girls' room and wait for my toddler to go to sleep).

On the comparative scale of problems, his sensory issues are small...but they're problems that he doesn't need.

I should order something fun from Amazon so I have a good package to stalk.

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