Sunday, December 13, 2015


This week I found out about Frankie McDonald, a young man in Nova Scotia who has autism and who does what is quite possibly the most enthusiastic weather report on the internet. He did a storm report this week and after describing the weather he began shouting, "ORDER YOUR PIZZA, ORDER YOUR CHINESE FOOD. CHARGE YOUR IPAD CHARGE YOUR IPOD CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE. DON'T DRIVE IN ANY PUDDLES AVOID THE PUDDLES." And he ended his report with "Good luck out there. Take care. Be safe."

He has bullies and detractors, people who subscribe to his YouTube channel just to poke fun. He's aware of that. He doesn't care. He also has a couple blogs, and a Twitter account where he asks people what the weather is like in their area, or asks people to Photoshop pictures of him into different situations. He's a local celebrity in his town. You can even buy his bobblehead.

It seems that he's a person who found what brings him joy. He ignores the people who don't get it and welcome in the people who celebrate it with him.

I also saw a YouTube video where someone was saying that he shouldn't be online because everyone was just laughing at him. But from what I saw, it seems that many people are celebrating with him. Being quirky isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when you can build up a little community to be quirky with.

This is exactly what I hope for my kids...if they can't be the same as everyone else, I hope they find a community that celebrates their differences. Does it matter if 90% of people think you're weird if you can find that 10% who enthusiastically accompany you on your journey? Who geek out right along with you? I'd say that's not a bad balance.

I wish Frankie did regular forecasts for my area. I'd watch him every day.

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