Thursday, December 31, 2015

Finding another one

Even though I talk a lot about my son and his struggles at school, it's not my biggest worry. My straight-up, hands-down, absolute top concern for my son (and my daughter as well, to a lesser extent) is that he doesn't have a friend. He sort of runs around with the other boys at Cub Scouts, but they don't extend anything more than politeness to him. We have another family with a son a year older than him that we do things with, but he's more of an activity partner than a buddy. The situation isn't horrible - the other kids aren't outright mean to him, he's often content to be on his own, and he's close with his sister, E. But I think he really would like a friend, and my heart aches for him when he talks wistfully about having another boy to play with.

This week we went to the library with that other family. Their son is gifted too and not as socially isolated as P, but still in need of friends. They had spent all day at the library a couple days prior, and the father laughed at a small pile of books that their son had pulled out that hadn't been re-shelved yet. The mother quietly, "Well, it might be another boy who took out those books and left them there. You never know. If there's any place to find another one," and here she smiled conspiratorially, "this would be the place."

I smiled awkwardly. By "another one" I assume she meant another gifted child. I'm not so dead-set on finding other gifted kids for P to play with, although it's really nice to have a kid who doesn't think it's weird to spend a play-date reading. However, I do think it would be good to find another Lego fanatic, or another shark expert, or another kid who wants to learn to build a device powered by hydraulics. And since that isn't happening in school, I suppose it's my responsibility to take P to where they congregate.

So I guess 2016 will bring library events, museum classes, zoo workshops, and summer rec classes, not for education or enrichment, but in hopes of finding another one. Another kid like my son.

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