Sunday, September 6, 2015


Once when P was a little baby I fed him and he fell asleep. He looked so happy and I realized that every single want and need was met. He was fed, warm, safe, and loved. I felt a little bit sad because I knew that as he grew his wants and needs would become more complex, and I might never be able to make him so completely content again.

Tonight, a little over seven years later, P asked if he could have a snack while he read in bed, and I let him have an apple. I offered to put it on his bed for him so he wouldn't have to climb up his bunk bed ladder while he held it, and I got to see him scramble into bed and curl up, almost laughing with joy at being able to snuggle into bed with a book and a snack, fed, warm, safe, and loved once again. His mind has become so much more complex, but for now, a snack and a book satisfies it.

I'm so happy I have more of these opportunities to make him happy.

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  1. It is the simple things that count. When he is grown up- he will remember those little things.