Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Open House

I got a mass mailing letter from my kids' school today. They're having their Open House before the school year actually begins to allow families to drop off school supplies, meet teachers, and check out classrooms before the school year begins. They're also going to have a meeting about the school's progress, and have a big celebration as they install the new giant art project the students made. They even invited community members who don't have kids at the school, so they can see the great things going on in their neighborhood school.

That letter felt like a punch in the stomach. Because when we all left for the year at the end of last year I was no longer on speaking terms with my kid's teacher, they were complaining about the evaluation that found him gifted (after all, he was so different, it HAD to be a disability!), they had no firm plans about how to accommodate him this year, and I got the definite feeling that their attitude was, "Don't call us, we'll call you (maybe, eventually)."

They want me to celebrate a school that doesn't celebrate my child?

Part of me is holding out hope that I'm wrong. That I'll get to my son's classroom and his teacher will be excited to have him and he'll slide right into the dynamics of the room. And part of me wants to barge right in and demand his rights, to show them my phone with my school board member on speed dial. But being stupidly optimistic or extremely angry won't be a productive way for me to advocate for him. Even though I'm angry and feel slighted by what happened last year, I have to swallow it and get over it so I can be effective for my son.

Sometimes I hate being the mom.

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