Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Looking Forward to School

My kids have nineteen days until they go back to school.

My anxiety is in full swing. I'm having nightmares...last night I dreamed that I went to the school's Open House (which occurs a couple days before the official first day of school) and found my son's classroom in an old, abandoned third floor, with acoustic tiles falling from the ceiling, cracks in the walls, and rain being blown through broken windows. The teacher refused to talk to me without her principal present, and for some reason my parents and in-laws were there asking me why the classroom and the school were so bad. When we went to my daughter's classroom we found her teacher had been replaced by a troll who refused to teach because bending down to talk to kindergarteners gave her backaches.

A dream interpreter would have a field day with that symbolism.

During the day I think about school and I feel my chest tighten up. At first I thought it was allergies but now I think it's anxiety.

When I ask my son about school he simply says that he's fine, and then asks how many days of summer vacation he has left. However, once he did say he was looking forward to it because he wanted to learn about animals. I sincerely hope that he gets to do that.

Part of my anxiety is about when and how to approach the teacher. Should I email her now, before school starts? Some teachers are setting up their classrooms next week and might prefer meeting with a parent before they're hit with meetings and kids. My husband thinks we should wait until Open House but it just seems like school is in full swing then with meetings and prep.

I'm an educator. You'd think I could handle this better.

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