Monday, August 3, 2015


Tonight I'm so excited because in two days I'm going to be attending training at my son's school district to become a facilitator for SENG parent discussion groups. I'm excited to meet other parents, excited to learn more about my son's giftedness, and excited because they said there would be mid-morning snacks.


I'm also nervous, though. My son is very bright, but my husband and I just let him meander down his own path. We don't try to direct or funnel his gifts in any way. So instead of being a piano prodigy or a junior scientist, he dives into varied topics, and some of them are very typical for his age. One day he'll be studying evolution, then two weeks later he's watching Minecraft videos with the same intensity. His current obsession is Lego...before that it was therapod dinosaurs, especially spinosaurus. I've read that switching interests like that is typical of gifted kids, but I'm also afraid that the other parents there will have kids who are building working rockets or composing poems.

I'm also afraid that they will be all chatting about how much their kids like school and how successful they are...after all, the parents who are most likely to show up to district volunteer opportunities are the parents who are happy with their kids' school. What if I'm the only one who dreads what the year will bring?

I'm so nervous that I sewed myself a new tote bag to bring to the meeting. Most women would buy a new outfit, but when you sew...this is the type of thing you do. They'll respect me when I come rolling in with this, right? Who wouldn't want to chat with someone whose bag is covered with an adorable Japanese fabric featuring vintage cameras?

Mostly, though, I'm very excited and curious. I can't wait.

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