Friday, July 24, 2015


I had each of my kids two to three years apart, so between pregnancy and breastfeeding there wasn't much time for me to have my body to myself. As a result, I stopped drinking. I wasn't a super-heavy drinker before, but I stopped even having a wine cooler on a Saturday night. I lost my tolerance, and drinking wasn't as fun when one bottle of hard lemonade made me loopy. So even after I weaned my toddler, C, I avoided alcohol. I have nothing against it, it just didn't fit well into my life right now.

And then we had P. And P endured this past school year, and at several points throughout the year I thought, This is it. This is the turning point. Here's where it gets better.

And it never did.

And then he went through his special ed evaluation, and had IQ testing, and we found out that he wasn't autistic, but gifted. And again I thought, Okay, now we know what's up. Now we can help him.

But then I started reading blogs and websites about raising gifted kids. I really thought that it would basically be parents saying to each other, "High five! Our kids are brilliant!" But it wasn't...and I quickly found out that P's school experience is not uncommon. And it might not be a one-time experience for him, just a poor fit between student and teacher that would be nothing but a distant memory by next October. This was our life now.

So guess who's back in the alcoholic saddle.

My daughter is fascinated by my "fancy glass that you can use to tap other glasses at fancy dinners." My son informed me that if this was medieval times, I could get put in the pillory for drinking. It's just one glass of wine after the kids are settled in bed, but something tells me that this will be a consistent item on our grocery list every week.

Get used to the sight of it, kids. Little C is only two years old, so we'll have at least sixteen years more of this.

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